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At Soronko Academy, we believe in using technology to drive human potential. For years, we have worked to bridge the gender gap in technology, creating the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers in Africa, while also using technology to enable people to connect to dignified and fulfilling work.We are now moving to a new phase to do even more:reach more women and girls in all the regions in Ghana, engage in more strategic partnerships, and impact more young people all over the world through our online classes, classes at the academy,and classes with partner hubs.

Join our team in advancing education and social change throughout Ghana and beyond.Help us bridge the gender gap and lead more girls to study and pursue careers in technology.

Please send your CV to info@soronkoacademy.com and in the subject indicate what position you are applying for. We look forward to working with you

  Career Development Advisor: Full Time Role

Careers advisers provide advice and guidance services in a range of settings to people who want support in making choices that will affect their working lives. Their clients include adults, young people, the unemployed, career-changers and students in colleges and further education.

Role and Responsibilities

  • - Conduct career advisement sessions for current students, recent graduates and alumni.
  • - Educate students on job search skills and industry trends in order to get them prepared for employment.
  • - Guide each graduate on effective career search process
  • - Writing careers literature, action plans and reports
  • - Providing advice on CVs, applications and interview techniques
  • - Conduct student trainings for personal and professional developments
  • - Help students in resume preparation, interview skills, and job search strategies
  • - Assist in organizing advisory board activities, orientations and graduation functions
  • - Assist students in career placement activities.
  • - Maintain regular contact with employers for new job opportunities.
  • - Sort and submit qualified students resumes to employers
  • - Develop new employers through cold calling, mailing and visits.
  • - Assist in organizing job fairs, career awareness programs, and other career specific workshops and events.
  • - Attend local career fairs, industry conferences and other networking events to generate new employers.
  • - Develop outreach programs to promote career advisement services among students.

Desired Qualities
  • - Good interpersonal skills
  • - Ability to critically analyse projects to ensure goals are met
  • - Great Presentation Skills
  • - Great Networking Skills

  • - Bachelor’s Degree in a related field Psychology, Information Studies, Human Resource
  • - Minimum of 2-5 years of relevant experience in HR, communications and administrative role
  • -Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills
  • -Good time management and organizational skills
  • -Proficient in social media and digital platforms

How to Apply
Please send your CV to info@soronkoacademy.com and in the subject indicate the position you are applying for.
Application deadline is 8th August 2020

Contact Information
Please contact info@soronkoacademy.com with questions.
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